RFID 101: Everything You Need to Know About RFID

As RFID becomes more available across different industries, many organizations are looking to add RFID solutions to their operations. This guide will explain everything you need to know about RFID, different types of RFID solutions and how RFID can be used.

Everything you need to know about RFID

RFID vs NFC: The Unique Advantages and Challenges

With the greater availability of RFID comes more interest in NFC, or “near-field communication,” which has become a global standard in RFID protocols.


What is Industry 4.0?

We have seen huge advances in technology since the beginning of the century, with many of these changes taking place in just the past few years. We can now communicate with people across the globe with just a few taps on a smartphone, which also allows us to make purchases, listen to music, book a flight and so much more. This isn’t just the typical progression of civilization, but rather the Fourth Industrial Revolution, unfolding right in front of us.