RFID Technology

RFID Aerospace Solutions

CONTROLTEK’s RFID aerospace solutions give airlines and manufacturers real-time visibility and live updates within the realms of production and repairs, and even with the location of critical components and assets. When using RFID technology in conformance with custom workflows and business rules, data provides unique vistas for aerospace organizations, allowing them to access untapped potential while guaranteeing the efficiency and efficacy of their operational process.

RFID technology for the aerospace industry also helps professionals perform checks with total accuracy in a speedier process. For example, RFID aerospace solutions by CONTROLTEK can be used by manufacturers to control chain of custody of particular parts as well as work in progress tracking of where an item is in the manufacturing process. In addition, RFID technology can be used to arrange for legacy part making and for new parts to be outfitted with RFID tags in a simple, quick process.

Stay on top of critical maintenance schedules by implementing RFID technology to gain real-time visibility of the status of repairs and production. With CONTROLTEK’s durable RFID tags and long-range RFID readers, you can track all of your assets even in challenging environments.

Manage Critical Maintenance

Automate record management for regularly updated, reliable data about critical maintenance.

Real-Time Monitoring

Update system data in real time with 99 percent accuracy using reliable RFID tags and readers.

Improve Communication

Discover parts in need of repair or replacement more quickly using RFID so you can notify suppliers as early as possible.

Optimize Your Aerospace Operations with CONTROLTEK

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