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RFID Banking Applications

The growing needs for RFID applications in banking is predicated on the need to improve both the data security and operational productivity of financial institutions. Banks that have relied on barcoding to track and monitor currency and assets in transit are discovering the importance of RFID banking applications. Studies show that banks that switched from barcoding to RFID solutions saw as much as a 90 percent increase in data accuracy, and saw significant reductions in the time it takes to perform an inventory assessment.

When it comes to security, RFID banking applications offer a layer of protection and greater viability for both banks and their customers, and RFID solutions play a critical role in preventing assets from being lost. For example, when cash-in-transit is involved, RFID solutions enable organizations to know where the cash is throughout the delivery cycle. From vault loading to truck routes, teams can increase efficiency and reduce the customer’s transaction time with the right RFID technology in place.

Improve operational efficiency and employee accountability with powerful RFID solutions that track assets and accurately record data. With RFID, you can easily meet the high standards and compliance regulations that govern the financial sector while upgrading your processes across your organization.

At CONTROLTEK, we offer a wide range of RFID solutions, from unobtrusive RFID labels to reliable fixed and handheld RFID readers, to optimize your banking operations.

Banking RFID inventory visibility
Banking RFID asset tracking
Banking RFID cash ordering and delivery

Gain Full Visibility of Inventory

Eliminate the possibility of human error by using an RFID system to record the location of important files, documents and other valuable assets.

Automate Asset Tracking

Follow the movement of cash and other high-value assets by tagging shipments with durable RFID tags and logging their movement throughout your supply chain.

Refine Cash Ordering and Delivery

Expedite the cash pickups and deliveries by storing deposit information in RFID tags and using RFID readers to automatically record deliveries.

Streamline Your Banking Operations with CONTROLTEK RFID

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