RFID Technology

Delivering RFID Solutions to Manufacturers

RFID manufacturing solutions can be challenging to deploy. For several years CONTROLTEK has been creating innovative RFID solutions for manufacturers that improve inventory accuracy, increases speed, and enhances visibility in the manufacturing process. We make your job easier by integrating RFID technology across a plethora of areas within the manufacturing process, and throughout existing technologies and data.

Many manufacturers are still in the dark ages using barcode technology or even pen and paper. In the manufacturing process, RFID solutions provide the perfect upgrade that will enable you to improve production times, reduce errors, increase inventory accuracy, get better routing information, have 24/7 asset management, and the technology brings a wealth of other key operating efficiencies. CONTROLTEK’s RFID technology for manufacturing provides its customers with the ability to launch and integrate a scalable, real-time visibility solution to tap in to data and make critical decisions in real-time according to the information received from RFID installations.

CONTROLTEK offers manufacturers the ability to drive critical business decisions using RFID solutions baked in to web-based dashboards and email alerts with facility mapping that gives one immediate access to the manufacturing process.

With the right RFID technology, critical equipment and prime assets can be managed in an ongoing manner via customized integration into your business environment. Manufacturers can capture data on an expansive field of signal inputs reading specific locations, product flow, and time stamps. Employee interaction and environmental factors can also be taken into the equation. Whether you are collecting reads from unmonitored RFID readers or performing inventory tasks, CONTROLTEK enables manufacturers to increase accuracy while spending less effort in tracking and counting.

Gain total transparency of assembly, production and manufacturing processes with CONTROLTEK RFID solutions. With RFID tags and readers automating your asset tracking, you can see information about asset location and amount of raw materials in real time.

Knowing the right amount of parts of materials needed in the correct locations speeds up your production processes and optimizes your manufacturing inventory management so you never overstock or run out of materials.

Supply Chain Efficiency

Get real-time visibility of all of your operations from production to the store floor so you always know where your assets are.

Production Management

Speed up production with complete visibility of the flow of materials so you never overstock or run out of materials again.

Data-Driven Optimization

Collect data about locations, time stamps, delivery timelines and product flow to optimize your production schedules and increase customer satisfaction.

Smart Manufacturing Solutions

At CONTROLTEK, we partner with manufacturers at the cutting edge of innovation to find the best that RFID technology has to offer. Our range of RFID solutions offers high-performing tracking across every stage of the manufacturing process, from production to shipment.

Enhance Your Manufacturing Operations with CONTROLTEK RFID

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