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RFID Solutions for Retail Business

One of the biggest challenges faced by retail brands is to create a customer-first, convenient shopping experience while utilizing an omnichannel approach that will promote business growth and specific security measures. 

CONTROLTEK helps brands optimize their retail operations with the latest in RFID technology in applications that include the following:

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Shop, Check Out and Return Anywhere

Our RFID solutions enhance your customer experience by providing a seamless checkout experience while giving store employees more time to accomplish other critical tasks.

Your employees can improve the POS experience by quickly and efficiently ringing up purchases while keeping lines at the register moving. Our handheld RFID readers also enable easy and prompt returns for customers from any location on the store’s floor.

Improving EAS

When retailers team up with CONTROLTEK to implement RFID solutions in multiple store locations, shrink will dramatically decrease. Our RFID technology collects customer and sales data and enables a seamless integration right into your marketing strategies.

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Inventory Management Automation

When retailers invest in a custom system of RFID readers and tags, brands can maximize stock visibility and increase on-shelf availability. When you install an RFID solution in your stock room that integrates with your POS system, managers can view and track inventory statuses in real time.

Reduce Costs and Source Tag Inefficiencies

Retail brands can expect to see improvements in supply chain efficiency, lower shrink, increase in sales and higher profitability by investing in our RFID tag and label application.

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Optimize Your Retail Operations With CONTROLTEK

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