Retail Applications

With RFID technology, retailers can unlock full omnichannel potential to create a convenient and customer-first shopping experience. 

Shop, Check Out and Return Anywhere

RFID creates a seamless checkout experience by transforming store employees into mobile cashiers. With a handheld RFID reader, an employee can ring up purchases and process returns for customers anywhere on the store floor. 


Retailers who implement RFID in their store locations have seen shrink decrease by as much as 55 percent. RFID collects sales and customer data and brings them right to your fingertips, making it easier to integrate this information into your marketing strategies. 

Automate Inventory Management

Optimize on-shelf availability and maximize stock visibility with a customized system of RFID tags and readers. With RFID installed in your stock room and integrated with your POS system, you can see your inventory status in real time. 

Reduce Costs and Inefficiencies with Source Tagging

By delegating RFID tag and label application to your manufacturing and packaging partners, retailers can see greater supply chain efficiencies, increased sales, lower shrink and higher profitability. 

Optimize Your Retail Operations With CONTROLTEK

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