RFID as a Security Solution

As the only solutions provider with multiple nationwide rollouts of RFID as EAS to minimize shrink, CONTROLTEK has seen retailers who implement RFID in their store locations decrease shrink by as much as 55 percent. 

With thousands of systems already deployed, we have created custom RFID tags and labels that can be used as a security solution across many industries. And thanks to our First Time Right guarantee, over 97 percent of our clients have been satisfied with the delivery and installation of their solutions on the first try. 


Secure important documents by attaching RFID tags to courier bags transporting paper records between bank branches and central processing centers

Cash in Transit

Track the movement of your cash deposits by tagging cash bags with RFID tags and using RFID readers to log deliveries 


Reduce shrink by using RFID’s read/write capabilities to gain item-level visibility of your store and easily identify high-risk departments


Stay on top of critical maintenance schedules by implementing RFID technology to gain real-time visibility of the status of repairs and production


Streamline asset tracking by using RFID to follow expensive raw materials and finished goods in transit and minimize the purchase of replacement assets


Fight internal theft by using RFID systems to prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas and trace the movement of potential suspects

Add RFID to Your Security with CONTROLTEK

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