3 things store managers need to do to improve inventory management

For a retail store to be able to provide stellar front-end service, everything needs to be optimally functional on the back end. After all, no matter how helpful or well-trained a staffer is, that employee can't offer a customer ideal service if the item the patron wants isn't in the store. Good inventory management represents a central asset for all retailers. But it's also one of those things that tends to only be noticed by customers in its absence – that is, if a patron can't find the item he or she is looking for,

RFID Inventory Tracking

RFID is essential when it comes to tracking assets accurately and quickly and protecting against theft and loss. While statistics show that the amount of theft within retail stores is constantly increasing, so are the inaccuracies when it comes to tracking the inventory. RFID technology offers more benefits than manual and barcode processes when it comes to tracking inventory of the assets within your retail store, inclusive from the time they are manufactured until the time that they leave the store.

RFID Advances in Technology

RFID technology, although fairly new, has made great advances within the past few years. The price of technology is decreasing, along with the prices of hardware and infrastructure. Looking to invest in something that promotes efficiency and will simultaneously protect your assets? Invest in RFID today and immediately begin to improve your business processes. RFID […]

RFID: How It Works

RFID, one of the most modern and interesting forms of technology, is the foundation for CONTROLTEK’s undertaking to be the most ingenious Security Tagging Provider in the world. By providing a link between data capture and storing every stage of business from inventory management to shipping and payment, RFID empowers “commerce through innovation” at your […]