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Asset Protection: Spelling out some key terms for all employees

As a loss prevention leader, you’re certainly familiar with all the main terms surrounding inventory security. And if there are other employees working in your store’s loss prevention division, they probably know these terms as well. But members of the LP team aren’t the only team members who need to be up on their inventory

Theft Free Holiday

Holidays are about family, friends and celebration, but gifts aren’t exactly a small part of the equation either. When the holiday season kicks off, retail stores can expect a significant uptick in customers and sales. According to the National Retail Federation, this past holiday season – which ended in December 2014 – represented the highest

Global Company Solves Your Loss-Prevention Dilemmas

Technology helps beat the odds in girding against insidious drain on profits Loss prevention, a perennial concern for a host of businesses, has spawned an entire industry. From digital hacking to employee conduct, the scope is huge. So are the stakes. For its part, CONTROLTEK, based in Cranford, N.J., has been helping businesses, especially in

Guarding Against Losses

Security packaging aims to foil filchers who’d erode your business With industries victimized by illegal siphoning of products from the supply chain and a resulting financial drain amounting to billions, there’s an increased urgency and importance surrounding security packaging. CONTROLTEK, the provider of security packaging with offices in Cranford, N.J., advises that tampering, counterfeiting and

Stop Thief!

Inventory Security Solutions helps stores defend against shoplifting How vulnerable is your business to shoplifting? It can happen frequently, and when losses mount, the effect on profits doesn’t need elaboration. Habitual shoplifters steal an average of 1.6 times per week, according to the nonprofit National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP). And extrapolated from bigger annual