CONTROLTEK Achieves GreenCircle Certification for EcoLOK4, the First GreenCircle Certified 90% Post-Consumer Recycled Cash Deposit Bag

Bridgewater, N.J. (November 14, 2022) CONTROLTEK, the global leader in tamper-evident cash security solutions, has earned GreenCircle certification for EcoLOK4, the first GreenCircle Certified 90% post-consumer recycled (PCR) cash deposit bag.

Through its robust third-party certification process, GreenCircle Certified certifies the film used to make CONTROLTEK’s EcoLOK4 tamper-evident cash deposit bag is comprised of 90% PCR content.

“CONTROLTEK leads the way in innovative and responsible product design and manufacturing practices. We are delighted to offer the financial industry the first GreenCircle Certified, eco-conscious, high-quality tamper-evident solution for cash transport operations,” said  Tom Meehan, CFI, president at CONTROLTEK. “Achieving GreenCircle certification is a testament to our commitment to designing products that improve our environmental footprint through responsible business practices while also strengthening the industries in which we serve.”

“We commend CONTROLTEK for achieving GreenCircle Recycled Content certification for their EcoLOK4 cash deposit bags. The Recycled Content certification was the first standard developed by GreenCircle in 2009 and has been used as a reference for a wide range of industry organizations,” said Tad Radzinski, certification officer at GreenCircle. “Recycled content is one of the most common sustainability claims and with this third-party certification, CONTROLTEK validates their claims while demonstrating their commitment to transparency in being a brand their customers can trust.”

GreenCircle is an internationally recognized third-party certification entity whose thorough evaluation process provides independent verification that sustainability claims related to an organization’s products and operations are honest, valid, and verified. GreenCircle Certification sets the standard for accuracy and accountability regarding products made from upcycled materials and is recognized as a valid third-party certification entity by the U.S. Federal Government, the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) and the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR).

For more information about CONTROLTEK’s EcoLOK4, the first GreenCircle Certified cash deposit bag made of 90% PCR material, visit CONTROLTEK’s website or contact a CONTROLTEK sales representative at

CONTROLTEK Launches First-Ever 90% Post-Consumer Recycled Tamper-Evident Cash Deposit Bag

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. (November 8, 2022) – CONTROLTEK, the global leader in tamper-evident cash security solutions, launches the first and only 90% post-consumer recycled (PCR) tamper-evident cash deposit bag – EcoLOK4.

“For nearly half a century we’ve been helping the nation’s leading banks, armored couriers, and retailers transport cash safely and securely. As we evaluated our environmental impact, we realized that the industry would not be able to eliminate single-use cash deposit bags but knew there had to be a more sustainable way to transport cash,” said Rod Diplock, chief executive officer at CONTROLTEK.

“The film used to make EcoLOK4 is comprised of 90% PCR plastic. This is the most ecofriendly cash deposit bag on the market without compromising security or durability,” said Brian Diplock, vice president of strategic sourcing and product development at CONTROLTEK. “This is a game changer for the industry as it allows businesses to remain confident in the security of their cash in transit while reducing the environmental burden of their cash handling operations and ultimately protecting our planet.”

“Unlike traditional plastic deposit bags that use post-industrial recycled plastic created from excess scrap plastic produced in the manufacturing process, we repurpose plastic waste created by consumer households and businesses, to make the EcoLOK4, said Tom Meehan, president at CONTROLTEK. “With this new tamper-evident bag we reduce the amount of virgin plastic used, lowering our industry’s carbon footprint, and helping our financial institution and retail partners achieve their sustainability goals by closing the loop in reducing waste, preventing pollution, and conserving natural resources.”

For more information about and to request a sample of CONTROLTEK’s new EcoLOK4 tamper-evident cash deposit bag, visit CONTROLTEK’s website or contact a CONTROLTEK sales representative at

What The World’s Leading Banks Looks for in Tamper-Evident Deposit Bags

While banks provide a variety of services to their clients, one of their highest priorities is cash security. Banking institutions are trusted institutions that rely on secure cash deposits and transportation for the protection of their cash and reputations. To ensure the security of cash, many banks and credit unions utilize tamper-evident deposit bags.

With the use of seals and markings, tamper evident technology protects the contents of cash bags and ensures that they arrive at their intended destination in proper condition. Many tamper-evident deposit bags include features that indicate when a bag has been opened, enabling a bank to initiate an investigation immediately. Tamper-evident bags are considered essential banking supplies by many banks and credit unions to minimize cash losses.

What makes a tamper-evident bag so crucial to your banking operations? Throughout this article, we will examine the differences between tamper evident bags and traditional cash bags. We will also examine why banks should invest in tamper evident bags, and how typical tamper evident bags are secured.

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 These are the Must-Have Features Branch Managers Look for in Tamper Evident Bank Bags

Just look at bank statistics over the last ten years: losses in currency have spiked due to internal theft and human error. While it has become increasingly difficult for tellers to steal money from customer accounts due to unique login ID numbers and sophisticated computer teaching systems, those who handle cash bags during the shipping and receiving of currency have a significant advantage in getting away with stealing cash. That is unless banks invest in high-quality tamper evident bank bags from sophisticated companies like CONTROLTEK. It’s the purpose-driven design features in tamper evident bank bags that deter theft attempts, and that signify to management when tampering has been attempted that play a significant role in loss prevention. This article is intended to help branch managers learn what critical features to look for in tamper evident bank bags that provide for effective loss prevention, while simultaneously increasing efficiency in internal operations. Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Tamper Evident Bank Bags Going into 2022

In addition to the traditional zipper money bag that banks and armored couriers have used for decades, new advances in product innovation have made a wide range of tamper evident bank bags available with unprecedented features compared to the traditional canvas bank bag.  For businesses handling cash, tamper evident bags have become a cost-effective and efficient option.

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Why You Should Invest In Tamper Evident Cash Bags for Your Retail Store

Many retailers are familiar with the cash handling process, which is a necessary but sometimes time-consuming part of managing retail operations. In addition to counting cash every day and recording these deposits, you must also store and transport cash, often working with a cash-in-transit (CIT) company to move deposits from your stores to your bank.

Along with more common retail security products like EAS and RFID systems, tamper evident bags can improve the internal security of your retail store while also increasing the efficiency of bank transfers. Today we’ll go over how tamper evident bags can support your retail operations using multiple types of security features to indicate tamper attempts and deter theft.

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5 Features To Look For in Tamper Evident Bank Bags

Ensuring you have reliable, high-quality banking supplies is an important part of the operational efficiency of your banking operations, from counting cash and coins from customers to transporting cash and other high-value assets between branches or to high-security vaults. In this blog, we’ll review why banking supplies like tamper-evident cash bags can improve your operational efficiency and prevent cash theft.

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What Are the Important Features To Look For in Retail Security Packaging for Cash Deposits?

As retailers continue to look for solutions that optimize their operations, many retail security companies have developed solutions that successfully protect high-value assets like merchandise and cash. In addition to storing and transporting these assets, companies that create well-made retail security packaging also help retailers to streamline the behind-the-scenes processes of handling these assets. This enables retailers to save even more time and money.

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5 Signs You Have the Highest Security Tamper Evident Bags

When handling cash, coins and checks, it is essential that you protect these assets from tampering throughout the transit process. While cash in transit companies first used heavyweight canvas bags to store cash and other currency, these bags do not have security features to indicate tampering or attempted theft.  This means that anyone could take cash out of a deposit bag and no one would know unless they manually counted out the contents of the bag. According to Statistic Brain, employee theft costs U.S. businesses $50 billion per year, which includes losses from cash skimming. 

However, tamper-evident deposit bags are made with multiple security features, such as void seals, to deter theft and inform cash handlers that a bag might have been tampered with. Today, we’ll go over how tamper-evident bags work and the 5 most important features you should look for in your tamper-evident bags. 

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Is There a Coin Shortage in the US and Should Banks Invest in Coin Bags? 

Since mid-2020, many retailers and other businesses that handle cash have posted signs asking customers to pay with exact change due to a coin shortage in the United States. But is there a coin shortage? 

In June 2020, the Federal Reserve announced that the COVID-19 pandemic had disrupted the supply chain and “normal circulation patterns for U.S. coin.” They cited decreased coin deposits (which usually come from banks, retail stores and other businesses that accept cash) as the main cause behind this disruption, along with decreased coin production at the U.S. Mint due to new measures to protect its employees. 

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