Cybersecurity Risks That Will Give You the Blues

Bluetooth makes it simple to connect devices and share data wirelessly, but it’s convenience can become another access point for cybersecurity attacks. Here are simple explanations of some common Bluetooth-related attacks to be aware:

BlueJacking: Hijacking the technology’s messaging option to send unsolicited messages or spam advertising as a means for phishing attacks.

BlueSnarfing: Connecting to the device to download data such as contacts, text messages, emails, calendars or other unique identifying information.

BlueBugging: Taking full control of the device to gain inside access, sensitive information, or to spy on the user’s activity.

It is important to always safeguard your Bluetooth-enabled devices. Keep your devices updated, avoid using Bluetooth to send sensitive information, monitor your data usage, turn off Bluetooth when not using it and keeping an eye out for suspicious activity.