Getting More Out Of Your Chrome Web Browser

For many of us, Chrome has become the default web browser. Personally, I use multiple browsers depending on the application, but find myself using Chrome most often. Here are a few tips to get more of it than you thought possible:

The place where you normally type in a web address is called an omnibar. Next time, instead of a web address, try a math equation, like 10*10. You will get the results. You can also drag multiple tabs into a new window simultaneously by holding the Ctrl/Command key as you click on them.

You can also view a photo or pdf file quickly by dragging them into the browser, instead of opening or installing a separate app. Finally, one of my favorite features is to turn Chrome into a simple note taker by typing “data:text/html, ” into the omnibar. It’s not a true replacement for a word processor, but it can be a quick and easy way to jot down a note.