Take Control of Your Social Media Identity

Recently I attended a conference about cyber security. After exchanging business cards with several people, I started to add folks to my LinkedIn network. One of the individuals sitting at the table with me made it a point to say how he didn’t have a LinkedIn account and he didn’t like social media.

I still searched his name on LinkedIn and lo and behold – a profile appeared. I showed it to him and he was shocked – the profile had all his information but it wasn’t him. Someone was impersonating him.

Social engineers and hackers look to assume certain security professional’s identities. It can start simply with creating a social media profile. So whether you like social media or not, you probably should create an account on popular networks using your email and name. You can make the account private, which will make it more difficult for people to assume your identity this way.

There have been instances of several high level government officials being impersonated using fake LinkedIn profiles. Don’t let it happen to you.